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From our Blog: Advice From Grandma

Growing up with Grandma ,cucumber was one of the many vegetable that was always in her garden .It was used in her pickle,as a snack and in many of her tasty dishes.

Do you know that cucumber flush out toxins and may help dissolve kidney stones.

Cucumber because of it high water content  is great for keeping you hydrated,aid in digestion,and can help you to lose that extra weight. 


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Good old thyme.Grandma never ,never cook unless a piece of thyme was In her pot be it rice, soup, or stew alway a piece went into the pot,Thyme has long be respected as one of the beloved herbs of many herbalists.Thyme is found to have a strengthening effect on the thymus gland and it helps in the enhancing the immune function.Thyme is a powerful disinfectant,it can be use externally as a body wash and use it internally to help fight off infection .Grandma would often use it as a mouth rinse to treat our sore throat and any oral infection .At the first sign of a cold grandma make us a nice

Epsom salt long known as a natural remedy for a number of  ailment , Epsom salt has numerous health benefits as well as many beauty , and household and gardening uses.

Epsom salt  are made up of the compound magnesium sulfate,and got its name  because of the discoveries of magnesium sulfate  in Epsom England .taking  a bath in Epsom salt offer many health benefits, it helps to relieve stress , soothe your muscles,soften your skin and reduce the look of wrinkles. Recent studies have indicated that Epsom salt baths may be soothing  for children with autism.

Remember Grandma grating fresh ginger and boiling it and giving it to us for ,upset and tummy. Did she known it was good for that and so much more.

Ginger is family to the cardamom  turmeric family.Ginger is a herb that is known throughout the world used as spice and also for its therapeutic qualities.

Ginger is used for the loss of appetite,nausea from surgery and from cancer treatment.

Colic, morning sickness ,motion sickness ,and also upset consumed as a tea can be serve with peppermint lemon juice or honey.